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1.0   Weather

Click for latest:  
1.1   Weather Warnings
Malaysian Meteorological Department
1.2   Aerodrome Meteorological Conditions (METAR's) and Terminal Area Forecasts (TAF's)
NOAA Aviation Weather Center

1.2.1   METAR's and TAF's decode
Para-Excellence UK

1.3   Weather Radar (for current precipitation conditions)
Malaysian Meteorological Department
1.4   Chart: Synoptic (manually drawn)
Australian Bureau of Meteorology
1.5   Chart: Synoptic (automatic numerical weather prediction, guidance only)
Australian Bureau of Meteorology
1.5   Chart: Surface Winds (10 meters)
Australian Bureau of Meteorology
1.6   Chart: Winds Aloft at 5000 feet Pressure Altitude (Flight Level 050 - 850 hPa)
Australian Bureau of Meteorology
1.7   Chart: Winds Aloft at 10,000 feet Pressure Altitude (Flight Level 100 - 700 hPa)
Australian Bureau of Meteorology
1.8   Sunrise/Sunset Tables
Malaysian Meteorological Department


2.0   Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs)

2.1   Click for all Peninsular Malaysia aerodromes NOTAMs
United States NOTAM Office

2.2   Other aerodrome(s):
PilotWeb, United States Federal Aviation Administration

Select Domestic or ICAO format to be used for the Reports generated by this page.

Enter up to 50 Location Identifiers:  (Separate Locations with a space)
Flight Safety NOTAMs

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3.0   Weight and Balance

3.1   Cessna 172L 9M-RFC

3.2   Cessna 172N 9M-TOP

3.3   Cessna 172N 9M-BDX

3.4   Cessna 172P 9M-GPB

3.5   Cessna 172K 9M-VEN


4.0   Performance Charts

4.1   Cessna 172 Take-Off Performance Chart

4.2   Cessna 172 Landing Chart


5.0   Aeronautical Information

5.1   Malaysian Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP)
Department of Civil Aviation, Malaysia

5.2   Malaysian Airports (alternative site to DCA'a online AIP)

5.3   'Other Airports' excerpt from the AIP (information for small airports in Malaysia)
Department of Civil Aviation, Malaysia


6.0   Online Tools

6.1   Online E6B Flight Computer


7.0   Navigation Log / Flight Planning Form

7.1   RSFC Standard Navigation Log


8.0   Flight Plan

8.1   ICAO Flight Plan Form (pdf)
United Kingdom Aeronautical Information Service

8.1.1   ICAO Flight Plan Form Instructions
Atlas Aviation


9.0   General Declaration Form / Manifest

9.1   RSFC Standard Passenger Manifest