Kelab Penerbangan Di-Raja Selangor
r o y a l   s e l a n g o r   f l y i n g   c l u b






Updated: 21st October 2018



Heard at the Hangar Doors







A Cessna 150 Aerobat, which can offer economical training and hour building as well as the occasional visit to the inverted. Awaiting essential spares before coming on line.


Short Field Landings


For those who have not yet been passed out for Short Field Landings, please note this can be completed at Subank Airport with some instruction and a Checkout by the RFI.

Important Note: all pilots flying to Pulau Tioman in a Club or Leased aircraft will require a local check ride. This is due to the very special nature of the approach into Tioman.




Safety is not an Option

Safety is the Rule, OK



Are You Current?

Current Flying Rules (CFRís) now state that a maximum period of 35 days is allowed after your last flight before you cease to be current. You will not be permitted to fly SOLO after the 35 days unless you take a checkride with the RFI.


To support the Club in monitoring this please ensure the Club Office has your latest details:


Licence renewal date

C.O.T. date

Total hours flown

Date of last flight


This information to be filled in on the board placed at the Subang Ops Room.


Fly Safe