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Welcome to Royal Selangor Flying Club. We are a premier flight training provider for the Private Pilot's Licence, serving the Klang Valley for almost 80 years. Incorporated in 1933, we are the oldest flying club in Malaysia, and one of the first in the region. We are proud to be the only flight training organisation located within the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, based in the historical Sungai Besi Air Force Base, Kuala Lumpur's primary airport prior to 1965. Safety is an absolute priority for all our flying operations, and we strive to give our members the most professional service in the business, while maintaining a relaxed, social club atmosphere. Membership is open to everyone, so if you are looking for a new challenge or have had that burning desire to take to the skies, wait no longer, for the dream is closer than you might think!


Page Updated: 28th July 2014



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Annual General Meeting 2014 - 26th July 2014

The President opened the Annual General Meeting with a welcome to those Members present. The Minutes of last years AGM were read and approved. The Accounts were then opened for discussion and lively debate ensued between Members and the Auditors with regard to Taxation.
The Vice-President called on Members to introduce more members to the Club to pursue Recreational Flying. In recent times the Club has concentrated on teaching Students to fly as the first step to an Aviation Career with one of the National Carriers. This has been at the expense of the Social activities available to the Club and the right of Members to enjoy flying their own aircraft at Sempang.
The President presented a proposal for a new Airfield and Clubhouse to replace Sempang when it is finally closed down by 1MDB.
The President closed the AGM at 12.30pm and offered a light lunch for those members not Fasting.

Positions for election

President - for a term of 2 years - Major (R) Abdul Razak Hashim was elected unopposed.

Vice-Captain - for a term of 2 years - Manimara Muniyandi was elected by secret ballot.

Three Committee Members - for a term of 2 years
Hiroshi Sato was elected unopposed.
Nantha Kumar was elected by Special Vote.
Nazli Nazrene was co-opted from the floor.

House and Social Member - for a term of 1 year - No nominees were put forward. This position will be delegated at the first General Committee meeting after the AGM.





AGM Photo Gallery

The President responds to a question from the floor.

Seated from L to R are Vice President Hj. Mohammed Ebrahim Haja Mohideen, President Major (R) Abdul Razak Hashim, En. Mohammad Khairul Abdul Samad, Committee Member Mr. Martin Haeger and Committee Member Mr. Hiroshi Sato

The Club Management looks on to ensure fair play.

Accounts Executive Mdme Irene Lee and Club Manager Mr. Raveendran Subramaniam.

Club Member Ben Mahler kept the floor alive with incisive quesstions on the Clubs affairs.

Club Members Nazli Nazrene and Peter Mitchell concentrating on the active debate.

Cmdr (R) Mohamed Sabri Baharom explaining the positive aspects of operating LSA aircraft

Committee members getting enthusiastic about the proposed relocation of Airfield and Club House.

l to R, En. Nazi Nazrene, En. Mohammad Khairul Abdul Samad, Mr. Raveendran Subramaniam and Mr. Martin Haeger.

Senior Management

Cmdr. (R) Mohamed Sabri Baharom, President Major (R) Abdul Razak Hashim and Club Manager Raveendran Subramaniam






New Training Aircraft

Cessna 152 Aerobat 9M-ZAK

Our Cessna 152 is finally in service after a prolonged registration period.

This aircraft is keenly priced for the Student Pilot so please contact our RFI Manvinderjit S. Gill for further details.







RSFC is undertaking a Fleet Modernisation Programme and wishes to dispose of Cessna 9M-TOP

Offers on RM180,000 will considered, however all offers will be reviewed.

Please contact our RFI Manvinderjit S. Gill for further details.




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